About Us

Our Comapny & Our History

Evolucent Technologies is a privately owned Malaysian company, specializing in providing Internet services and solutions for small & medium-sized businesses.

We are a creative services and production firm, with the key members have about 10 years of practice in Information Technology, we have been successfully developing for the web. We have substantial database design, development and implementation experience in Internet Solutions with major corporations.

At Evolucent, our passion is in helping clients plan, build and integrate "Internet" into their business operations. We provide the building blocks for Content Management, Custom Solutions, E-Business and Internet Services (domain name management, website hosting, website design & development, website promotion). Our process is lean and efficient which allows us to provide rapid turn-around times for projects that our rivals are often unable to imitate.

Our clients appreciate the dedicated attention we are able to provide for them and for their needs. We help them to realize the potential of Internet to leverage their business today. At Evolucent, we combine strategy, design, development and marketing in one. We have developed a series of web-based solutions that build on one another to offer a complete web solution.

One of our roads to success has always been forming key partnerships with resourceful and innovative companies on the Internet today. These highly successful partnerships have given Evolucent the support needed to grow to the company it is today, and ensure future growth. We always welcome and open to the possibilities for new partnerships.